Haldane House
Friday, October 14, 2005
  Alberta Christians Contact Haldane House

Haldane House

If you are an Albertan Evangelical who celebrates the sovereign grace of God, and wishes to support a Western Canadian institution that would celebrate the same, please leave a comment.

If you are a pastor of an Evangelical church who seeks to be faithful to God's Word in preaching and teaching, over against the faddish trends that are marketed to the church, please leave a comment.

If you are a man who wishes to undertake theological studies in order to be prepared for the ministries of pastor, elder, or missionary, please leave a comment.

Haldane House is a new initiative and we are currently seeking support from interested parties in Alberta, both potential students, and supporting churches.

Please pray for the establishment of Haldane House.
Clint - if you don't mind, I'll pass this blog on to some other guys out here that might be interested.

Dan Sudfeld
Go ahead Dan,

I'd appreciate any names or contact info that you can gather.

I'm trying to make up a contact list of potential supporters.
this reminds me of haddington house (http://www.haddingtonhouse.org/)

i wonder what the similarities and differences are between the two Houses.
haddington house is in beautiful PEI, Canada.
I am a PCA pastor in Calgary and am intrigued by your site. To reach Canada we need "new model" seminary training as you're advocating. I'd be interested to hear more about your programs and location.

I am a Fellowship Baptist Pastor in Edson, Alberta that has been praying for a church-based training program. I am pleased to hear about Haldane house. I have been inspired by our Quebec Fellowship Baptists and their SEMBEQ model www.sembeq.qc.ca. You'll see John MacArthur's smiling face there even if - like me - you don't read French.
Terry Stauffer
I'm interested in knowing more about your initiative.

I'm moving to Cochrane, AB, shortly with my wife, where I will be attending Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary. I was raised in CRC / Canadian Reformed churches, have been attending non-denominational churches for some time, and theologically, I'm a Reformed Baptist.
Thanks to all you who have commented so far.

If you would like to detail your interest in Haldane House I would appreciate it.

Please send me an email:

clint dot haldanehouse at hotmail dot com

(No spaces)
Well you've piqued my interest.
I'm waiting for more info to appear.

I have some appointments to keep this evening, but I'll email you later.
To answer jc, I would say that there are strong similarities between the Haldane initiative and what Jack Whytock is doing with the Haddington House. I have a good friend who spent some time out there in PEI and I was very impressed with what he had to say about it. I think that Jack is providing his students an ideal learning environment with a great curriculum.
The one key difference, that I may be wrong on, is that the Haddington House is training men for ministry in the presbyterian church. I'm not sure if they train baptists or not. The Haldane House is seeking to train men for ministry in a truly "ecumenical" way, meaning we hope to be transdenominational within evangelicalism.
I hope that answered some questions for you!
You are in our prayers and I expect great things from this house!
Hey Clint,

I am thrilled to hear about the launching off of Haldane House. Throughout my first year in pastoral ministry, I have experienced a real need of furthering my develoment as a gospel preacher.
Seminary doesn't seem to be a viable option at this time; yet I sense that ongoing training is necessary. The demands of ministry can easily take away from sharpening tools in the area of Greek studies, spiritual formation, and theological development.
Perhaps Haldane House would serve as a retreat for me: a "saltlick" of sorts that would help sustain saltiness and preserve effective gospel ministry in the world.
I trust that this ministry will be prosperous according to God's good hand upon it.

Geoff Meadows
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