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Thursday, October 13, 2005
  Welcome to Haldane House

Welcome to Haldane House! This is a weblog dedicated to the promotion of a new initiative in theological education known as Haldane House.

The aim of Haldane House is to provide accessible theological education in the tradition of the Protestant Reformation, and the missional Evangelicalism arising from the 18th century revivals in Britain and North America.

Haldane House is a ministry serving churches in Western Canada, and particularly the province of Alberta.

The name Haldane House is derived from Robert Haldane of Scotland who sacrificed personal fortune in order to advance the gospel of Jesus Christ in India, Europe and in his native land. Haldane was used by God in revival as well as leaving a legacy of godly reflection on the Scriptures through his classic commentary on the book of Romans.

If you are interested in supporting this new initiative, please leave a comment on this weblog.
Greetings in Christ,

I am thrilled to hear about the launching off of Haldane House. Throughout my first year in pastoral ministry, I have experienced a real need of furthering my develoment as a gospel preacher.
Seminary doesn't seem to be a viable option at this time; yet I sense that ongoing training is necessary. The demands of ministry can easily take away from sharpening tools in the area of Greek studies, spiritual formation, and theological development.
Perhaps Haldane House would serve as a retreat for me: a "saltlick" of sorts that would help sustain saltiness and preserve effective gospel ministry in the world.
I trust that this ministry will be prosperous according to God's good hand upon it.

Geoff Meadows
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